New year, new me?


New blog format! I'm in love; it's so pretty. It’s also a new school year, in a new school, with new students, and so, of course, I’m trying all new curriculum! Haha, why not?

But seriously, planning for this new batch of kiddos looks like a highlights reel of the past four years in the classroom: playing handball, making pupusas, listening to authentic music, dancing on Fridays, running dictation, Gimkit, QuizletLive...And the majority of those successes are activities that build classroom community, lower the affective filter, and focus on comprehensible input, all of which are pretty new concepts to me as a teacher.

When I got my new schedule I almost died: I don’t teach my Spanish 2 or combined Spanish 3/4 (another post on that particular challenge later…) on Wednesdays or Fridays. Why is that a problem? Well, música miércoles and baile viernes, anyone? (Music Wednesday and Dance Friday...) I called a friend to stress about this and she thought it was hilarious that I described música miércoles as “integral to my philosophy of teaching”...but it is!

So far, I’ve been using Super 7 Persona Especial interviews to start the year in both levels, and Mis Clases Locas has musical brain breaks throughout, so we’re not missing música miércoles too much just yet. But I went for it last Thursday with a baile “viernes” and was pleasantly surprised by the intial enthusiasm. “We’re going to do this again?” “Yep, every Thursday at the end of class.” “Cool.” #score

This is my first foray into special person interviews and, man, are they hard. Comprehensible input and circling in general just take it out of me. I’m exhausted by the end of the day! But the growth in written and oral proficiency I’ve seen in my students when I’ve used these techniques in the past has convinced me: it’s time to make the switch.

New blog, new year, new me? Perhaps. Stay tuned for more adventures from what I hope will be a decidedly more comprehensible classroom. ¡Hasta luego!

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